Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Still on a Health Journey!

Wow, so yes, it's been FOREVER since I wrote a blog post. Life has been full of ups and downs in recent years, as a snapshot:

* We have moved house twice since 2012
* A couple of career moves for both my husband and me
* The kids are now 13 and 7 (Where does that time go!?)

* I discovered raw and vegan diets aren't ideal for me due to my Type 2 Diabetes - too many carbs!
* Through an amazing Melbourne-based dietician, I found the ketogenic diet - WOW!
* I'm still super into whole-foods for wellbeing and whole-foods cooking
* A couple of trips to Victoria and South Australia
* My grandfather's passing which hit me really hard
* A long depressive eposide in 2013-2014, and several shorter, less severe episodes since
* Turning 40 in 2018 (EEK!)

* Adopting my beautiful dog Rocco and working with FNQ Rescues R Us to help save more abandoned, abused and neglected animals

* I'm now a Real Estate Agent - which has been a challenging and rewarding journey for the past 3 years!
* I discovered my hidden creative side and enjoy doing water-colours, hand-lettering and journaling in my spare time
* I found a wonderful Church in my area and have connected with a host of lovely new friends for myself and the children there!

Okay now all that boring update-y stuff is out of the way, into the FOOD journey, which is what you're all here for! ;)

My food journey has been up and down and all over the place since my first foray into whole foods and since getting my Thermomix. I even went a whole 18 months without a Thermomix which was TRYING! I also discovered that it can be heaps more challenging to cook wonderful nourishing whole foods for the family whilst working full-time, which has caused my health-journey to be derailed more than once!

The major turning point for my health in the last couple of years was discovering Melbourne-based dietitian Feng-Yuan Liu and her company Metro Dietetics. I did a 12 Week "Adapt-To-Fat" course through Metro Dietetics and learned a great deal about the ketogenic diet for energy, weight-loss, correcting Type 2 Diabetes and a host of other benefits. Currently I'm on week 4 of being back on the keto diet and am seeing amazing results. If you're struggling with weight, burn-out, adrenal issues, hormonal issues and/or Type 2 Diabetes, I HIGHLY recommend working with Metro Dietetics, Yuan and her team are simply amazing, and are on the cutting edge of the current science and research in their field.

Although I'm on a keto diet now, I want to clarify that this still includes and focuses on whole and living foods as a huge component - I am eating huge salads of raw foods with every meal, so I will still be posting recipes that include plenty of raw and living foods! A common misconception is that the keto diet is all animal protein and fats, and while good fats and quality proteins are important, it's nothing without wonderful leafy greens, fresh vegetables and salads! Here's an example of a meal I will have:

This is wilted spinach and tomato cooked with butter, 3 shallow-fried eggs, half an avocado and a few slices of a keto-bread I made using coconut flour (it's a super-simple recipe!). I eat two meals like this each day and fast for approximately 14-16 hours per day (intermittent fasting). The other night I made a Thermomix Recipe of Chorizo and Chicken pasta, and simply used Zucchini Noodles in place of pasta for my serve.

SO, if any of you are still here (?!?!) I will be posting about my health journey, details of how I do Keto and more recipes soon, so watch this space!

Love, Blessings and Health,
B xoxo

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