Monday, 5 March 2012

30-in-30 Extension and PRIZE!!!!

Hi All!

So we're currently up to 25 people who have joined me (officially) on this green smoothie challenge - which is to have a green smoothie for breakfast every day for 30 days! My goal was to get 30 people to join my by tomorrow, EEP! Seeing as though we are SOOOOO close to my goal, I've decided a couple of things: 1) I'm going to extend it until this Friday and 2) I'm going to giveaway a prize if we reach our target by Friday.

So here's what to do: Tell your friends, family, colleagues, anyone about what you are doing and ask them to join us! Also, if you've already been doing this but haven't told me OFFICIALLY by commenting on the blog or on facebook saying something like "I'm in!", please do so, so I can make sure you're counted!

My smoothie this morning: two oranges, a green apple, a big bunch of baby spinach, a big handful of ice, yum! So refreshing! I was bouncing off the walls after this :D

If you're new to all of this, please read the first post 30-in-30 and also this one, which has a shopping list for beginners, then read on in date order forward from there to now! ;)

Last but not least, comment at the bottom of this post, or on this post's link on my Facebook page, to be counted to go in the draw to win a copy of Harvey Diamond's book "Fit for Life, Not Fat for Life" which is the book that got me started on this whole journey in the first place and is a sensational read, period. I'll draw this by random selection on Friday evening by 9pm Brisbane QLD time. YOU HAVE TO COMMENT TO ENTER PEOPLE!!!

Baby food, sterilising bottles, etc all coming up in my next post later today or tomorrow!

Love and Health, B xxx


  1. Pick me pick me, im commenting to win the book, sounds fab, ive a 7 month old and would love the kick start :)

    1. Hi Amanda, Are you already doing the challenge? If so have I counted you yet? Good luck you're in the draw for the book :D

  2. I'm on day 5. I'm enjoying my liquid breakfasts and they are keeping me full until lunchtime, but I don't feel like I have any extra energy...yet. I'm in it for the full 30 days though so I'll let you know if the situation changes.
    I had the same smoothie today, except I added a peach that was looking a little unloved...smelled odd but tasted good!

    1. Hi Tanya, Welcome! Have I already counted you? In regards to the energy, I'm thinking there are a variety of factors here. If you already eat quite healthily and have plenty of fresh fruits and veg in your diet, the jump in energy probably won't be as pronounced as for someone who wasn't eating many fruits and veggies prior to starting this. The other thing could be what you're putting into them, make sure you're using PLENTY of baby spinach in each one. THe ones I find the most energizing are pineapple and fresh mint with baby spinach, or the banana and berry one (with nuts or not) with PLENTY of berries. GO YOU though! :D You're in the draw for the book. xxx

  3. Thanks Brook, you counted me on FB last week ;)
    I've got some pineapple and berries this week so I'll be giving them all a go and see if I can find a favourite.
    My diet is good but there is room for improvement- I think this is a step in the right direction. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. I'm in! Great challenge! I love green smoothies!

  5. I'm in!! I've already been drinking green smoothies for a while so why not continue but this time 30 days on a row! So when are we starting?
    Just discovered your blog thanks to Quirky Jo, so thanks.

  6. So happy your reached 30! One of the 1st things Elijah (4) asks me when he wakes up is - Are we having our smoothy today Mummy? He loves rating them :)

  7. Just did the drawing via this Random Number Picker: and it came up as number 1 so congrats Amanda! I'll just need to connect with you to get your address details so I can send you the book! xxx B


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