Sunday, 18 March 2012

Weight Loss & Energy "Secret" Number 1!

I know, I know! I've been delinquent again in getting to the blog! But I have a good excuse! I promised that I'd be putting up my weight loss "secrets", and prior to doing that I had to do a LOT of thinking and musing to make sure I put this in the right way!

So firstly let me start with a disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or a health professional of any sort, I don't claim to have done extensive research on this topic other than my own experience and reading over the years. So these things I am going to tell you are purely from my OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE and are my OWN BELIEFS! Before embarking on any change of diet or lifestyle change, please consult a medical or health professional! :)

So with that out of the way lets jump right in to MY first "secret" of weight loss (AND increased energy)! The reason I put quotation marks around the word "secret" is that it's really no secret at ALL!


"Really? Can it be that simple?" I hear you asking! YES!! It's really that simple! And here is why: When I first started to lose weight it WASN'T purely about the weight loss, it was also about the fact that I was tired, ALLLLLLL the time and I hated feeling that way! I wanted to have the energy to run around with my daughter, and I wanted to be healthier and lighter so I could get pregnant and then have the energy to cope with a newborn! So my very first step was simply to incorporate MORE fresh fruit and vegetables into my diet! At first it was baby steps like having baby spinach and tomato with my egg and toast instead of plain, and making sure I had salad on my sandwhich for lunch. But after a very short time it turned into having fruit smoothies for breakfast and morning tea, and HUGE salads with lunch and dinner. The crazy thing is, that as soon as you start to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, your body goes "THANK YOU! That is JUST what I needed to feel better, have more energy, heal these various little niggles that you have! And here's some extra energy to show you how much I appreciate you giving me the right food!" and pretty soon you're actually CRAVING some spinach and tomato, or a big plate of orange and apple, or a huge crunchy zesty salad! It really is AMAZING!

I believe the reason for that is simple: our bodies are ALIVE, therefore when we eat food that's ALIVE, our body recognises it, can assimilate it and USE it much more easily! Then the time and energy our body would waste on firstly trying to RECOGNISE our food, and then figuring out what to do with it, is left over in the form of increased energy! :D So if you want to lose weight and feel the added bonus of a TONNE more energy, simply EAT MORE FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES! If you don't change anything else, I believe this one thing will make a HUGE difference to your health! Give it a try and see if it works for you! I'd love your feedback!

Today I started my day with a delicious green smoothie of 2 green apples, about 150g of fresh watermelon, a huge handful of baby spinach, a little water and ice. Wow it was so delicious and now i'm raring to go! :)

I'm off to a TMX demonstration now, but more tips in the days to come! (And i'll try to snap some yummy pics and get some more recipes up too!) Love and Health, B xxx


  1. Hey, the script font looks very pretty but is really hard to read, especially all caps.

  2. Thanks I'll change it!! Xx B

  3. Im going to try and start when i can sis withe the smoothies see how that goes and eating more fruit and veg see if i can get Andy to eat cauliflower he hates it lol love you your doing great :) xxx

  4. Can you tell me what grams means to those of us who use ounces, tablesppons, etc?