Friday, 6 April 2012

Housekeeping, plus bits and bobs :)

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick one today with a bit of housekeeping as I'm going away for two weeks as of tomorrow so I'm a very busy girl!

So, an update on my 3 Day All Raw Vegan Challenge - I didn't hear from very many people - I think only two of you let me know you were going to attempt it, and no-one has updated me as to whether they went a day or three all raw or not. Therefore I've decided to put that on hold for a little while, rethink it, and be back after my holiday with an alternative. If any of you could give me some feedback here or on FB in regards to maybe why this challenge wasn't doable or inspiring that would be great! I really want to inspire people to make healthier choices, so if a 1 day challenge or other challenge would be better, please let me know! :D In regards to the ebook, I've decided to hold that a little also as I really want to make sure its as thorough a guide to Green Smoothies as possible for all those noobs out there! What I MAY do is offer the ebook to everyone who attempts my next challenge......will keep thinking on this! :D

A few other bits and bobs: I'm going away for two weeks, 4 days on the Sunshine Coast (my hometown) visiting my best friend Vicki - one of the most awesome people I've ever had the pleasure of calling my friend! Also catching up with my long lost brother Jason, my bridesmaid Bec and her new baby and doing a demo! So that will be a packed 4 days, then we're on to Adelaide for another 10 days for my sister Maddie's Hen's Night and Wedding - sooooo excited to see all the family I haven't seen for so long, and excited to get all dolled up for the first time in ages! I've been told that pictures are NOT OPTIONAL - so you can all look forward to some pictures from the wedding, maybe I'll even find time to blog while I'm away! I'm taking my trusty Thermomix with me so I'm sure I'll still be whipping up some awesome raw treats and smoothies, and probably some other yummy stuff as well to show the family.

On a side note, this week I tried my first attempt at making my own pasta, from a fantastic recipe in a new Thermomix Cookbook called "The Best Of Our Recipe Communities" which will be available through the Thermomix website in coming months: Here is how I thought making handmade pasta would look:

And here's the reality:

The process included a very frustrated ME growling at the machine when I'd put TONNES of flour on the dough and it STILL kept sticking to the rollers, so in the end I rolled it out as thin as I could in sections with the rolling pin, then just put it through the fettucine cutting part as it was! It turned out a little thick but still tasted delicious in the end! :D Jo from Quirky Cooking is going to give me a tutorial on how to do it RIGHT the next time I hope! hehehe ;)

In other news I've been having ups and downs with my raw food journey the past few weeks. I still start the day every day with a green smoothie - I wouldn't know what to do with myself without them these days - and most days I eat raw until at least dinner time. I have had a few days here and there all raw but then the other days I've been pretty bad - having crumbed steak and chips at the pub the other night among other things! But I've signed up to do the teacher training at Uncooking101 which I'm really excited about, so SOON I hope to be offering Uncooking101 classes up here on the Atherton Tablelands  - I can't wait. I've also signed up to Eva's 21 day jumpstart program, I'm thinking its just the boost and support I need to get going! For more information on these programs visit the Uncooking101 website:

Here are a couple of yummy lunches I've whipped up in the past couple of days:

This was my lunch yesterday when I was RACING around doing a million things: A quick salad of mixed greens, tomato, cucumber and green capsicum with a dressing I made the day before (tomato based dressing) and a smoothie of cucumber, celery, parsley, baby spinach, lemon, apple and a few grapes - it was a tad tart as I put the whole lemon in, but I felt great afterwards!

This was my lunch today - a delicious raw brocolli soup from Eva at Uncooking101 which was so creamy and satisfying I still feel full about two hours later - not to mention it was completely delicious! :)

Sorry this is so short but I have a demo to do tonight, and still haven't packed and we have to head to Cairns first thing tomorrow morning to get Saana's dress fitted etc! Here she is with her swanky new haircut:

Must run! Hope you all have a very happy and safe Easter holiday break!!

Love and Health, B xxxx

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