Monday, 13 February 2012

30-in-30 Day 8 and GF DF Anzac Biscuits!!!

My goodness babies can be hard work! Tonight I'm completely exhausted as our 3 and 1/2 month old woke up screaming his little heart out at 3am this morning (poor thing had rolled over and got his foot caught between the rungs of the cot!), fed and went back to sleep by around 4, and then woke up for his normal feed at 4:30am!!!!! I was sitting at the dinner table just about falling asleep in my bowl wondering why I was so tired when I remembered that little fact! Cute little thing, he's started rolling over (onto his side mostly) so we're not wrapping him anymore, but he likes to hold the wrap and put it over his face to go to sleep, so cute!!!

This morning I had another throw together combination made up of leftovers that needed to be used! Pineapple, grapes, baby spinach and a handful of fresh mint with ice. This made a really juicy style smoothie and man that mint just really wakes me up! :D

For morning tea I had a really purple one as I used raspberries, blackberries (a nice big handful), two bananas, baby spinach, ice and about 50ml water. It was sweet AND slightly tart and completely delicious!!

Now we're a week in I'd really love to hear how all of you are finding it? How is your energy level? What combinations are you enjoying? Are you noticing any difference in how you feel each day? Please let me know as I'm so curious to see if everyone feels the same sort of instant results I've felt since starting this!

Today I thought I'd try to do a little creative baking, so I grabbed out my Mother-In-Laws recipe for Anzac Biscuits and tweaked it to make it Choc-Chip, Wheat Free and Dairy Free, using spelt grain and almonds. But after making it I've decided to do it again slightly differently, as this first batch came out a little drier than I'd like, and I'd like to make it completely Gluten Free. So here's the recipe for the (hopefully) more moist Gluten Free, Dairy Free Anzac Biscuits:

160g Soaked almonds (soak overnight, then rinse)
80g Coconut
100 Oats (you could also soak these to make it even more moist)
80 Rapadura
120g Coconut Oil
20g Maple Syrup (or Golden Syrup or Honey)
1/2 tsp bicarb soda dissolved in 1 TBSP of boiling water
*Optional - choc chips or dairy free choc chips to sprinkle on top

Preheat oven to 180C and grease a baking tray or slice tray.
Mill almonds in TMX on speed 10 for 1 minute.
Add remaining ingredients and combine in TMX on speed 6 for 6 seconds to incorporate.
Mix on speed 7-8 for 1-2 minutes or until ingredients start to stick together nicely.
Press mixture into slice tray - making sure to pack it down nice and firmly.
If adding choc chips, sprinkle over the top and press them in slightly.
Bake approximately 10-15 minutes or until slightly browned on top.
Allow to cool slightly, then cut into squares and enjoy!

*I'm going to try to make a raw version of this recipe eventually too!

Hope everyone is doing well on the Green Smoothie Challenge, please do touch base with me either here or via Facebook and let me know how its going!

Have a lovely Valentines Day!!! Love and Health! B xxx


  1. Too sweet, my boy did that too at same age! Smoothies going well. But because I am full I am not having my morning coffee and today I have a caffienne withdrawal! Maybe I need some in my smoothie tomorrow!

    1. Hey Belinda! I'm glad they're going well and its GREAT that you're full! If I were you, personally I'd suffer through a few days of caffeine withdrawal as giving up the coffee can only be a good thing! I personally don't drink coffee at all anymore! (Or only very occasionally) If you're looking for that pick-me-up in your smoothie, try a teaspoon or two of Raw Cacao powder (you can get that from a health food store) added, its also a stimulant but more natural and better for you than caffeine! But if you simply must have your morning coffee and you really enjoy it, go ahead and have it! I personally don't believe in depriving yourself if its something you really enjoy!

  2. I have to put a retraction in here people! I didn't realise that oats have gluten (DUH me!) so these cookies are actually just WHEAT FREE and DAIRY FREE, NOT Gluten Free! SO SORRY! B xx