Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Green Smoothie Challenge Continued....

Hi All! We're up to 21 people who've joined us on the 30-in-30 challenge and I've heard from a few of you and you're LOVING the smoothies and finding you've got more energy and are finding them quite filling so far! Such great news, its so exciting to be sharing something like this!

Yesterday morning I had about half a pineapple in my smoothie - we got the pineapple only the day before and it was already half rotten just one day later!!! - with a heap of fresh mint and of course baby spinach, ice and a little bit of water. This smoothie is definitely in my top few to wake up with! For some reason I find the combination of pineapple which is nice and ripe and the fresh mint to be SO delicious and invigorating! It's better than a double-shot of espresso! Seriously people! :D

This mornings turned out looking almost exactly the same as the one above LOL so I didn't bother taking a pic, I had 1 green apple, about a cup full of green grapes, baby spinach, ice and about 50ml water. Again, super sweet and soooo refreshing! Loved it!

Both days my morning smoothie has been my usual combination of banana, berries, nuts, ice, water, and I added a date and cacao yesterday, but not today! I'm a creature of habit and I really like this combo so much I don't think I'm going to get sick of it any time soon.

Today was a pretty busy day too, so I needed all that awesome green energy! At Mums and Bubs group this morning I made some baby food in my Thermomix to show the Mums - they were all really impressed btw! YAY! Then I was only home for an hour or so before running out again to get Saana from school, and she was "staaaaaaaarving" so as soon as I got home the TMX was hard at work again! For our afternoon tea we made a Berry Blue Bannana Choc Sorbet (TMX Sorbet from the Everyday Cooking cookbook with two teaspoons of Cacao added, I used half banana, and half blueberries as the fruit) which was completely delicious......

Then we made some berry and yoghurt popsicles so they're ready for tomorrow afternoon's snack, they're from the Everyday Cookbook also, and I'll put up a picture of those next blog post (they're not ready yet!).

Then after getting both kidlets off to bed (with a huge amount of help from hubby!) I was feeling the need for some comfort food so I whipped up some pizza dough in TMX and a batch of my Macadamia Pesto to have on top so I'm chowing down on this little treat as we speak:

I'll probably pay for having all that gluten tomorrow but I'm soooo enjoying it right now!!!!

My goal for the rest of this week is to go walking at least twice between now and Sunday! Stay tuned....... Love and Health! B xxx

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