Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Crazy Thing Is...........

Lately (over the past week or two) what I've been noticing as I've mentioned before, is that the more raw food and green smoothies I eat, the more raw foods my body craves and the more sensitive I seem to be to cooked foods - in particular dairy and starchy carbs.

For about a week now I've been noticing that about an hour after dinner I'm completely shattered. Of course part of this can be put down to the fact that I'm running around with a school-age child plus a baby all day every day, but that's not ALL of it. The last couple of nights I've just felt so bloated and heavy and then so tired I'm ready to pass out about an hour after having a big cooked dinner with the family.

Tonight I finally had a raw dinner! Woohoo! It's the first time I've managed to find the energy to cook something for the family and THEN prepare a seperate, raw meal for myself! And it's all thanks to Eva at Uncooking 101 (well it's also thanks to my body demanding more of what it seems to THRIVE on!!). Just two days ago I received my Home Study Course from Uncooking 101, called "An Introduction To Raw Food Made Easy" and its sooooo brilliant! (No this is not a paid advertisement LOL) Eva just has this calm, uncomplicated yet passionate way of teaching about raw foods and showing such EASY recipes! I was inspired and thought "It IS easy enough for me to do this!" So tonight I took a little extra time after cooking dinner for hubby and daughter to make myself this delicious Summer Salad with Eva's Vinigarette and Sunny Carrot Pate. The salad is really simple, just some baby spinach, a tomato, some red capsicum (or red pepper for those of you in North America), some shallot/spring onion, and a little celery with leaves all chopped and thrown together. The Vinigareete and the Pate unfortunately I can't share with you as they're not my recipes, but I highly recommend you visit Uncooking 101's site as she does have TONNES of great free recipes as well!

This was totally delicious, filling and completely satisfying and now (about an hour later) I AM feeling the tiredness that comes from a long day, but NOT that exhaustion and heaviness and feeling like I can't keep my eyes open that I've had the past few nights. To sum it up I feel quite awake and aware, just a little tired from being on the go since early this morning.

The other thing that I've been struggling with is getting up in the mornings. AFTER I've had my morning smoothie I'm full of energy, but prior to that, getting out of bed in the morning and finding the energy to go for a walk has been impossible, so lets see how I feel in the morning after having a raw dinner, instead of a heavy cooked dinner. I'm hoping it will be the difference I need to get up just that LITTLE bit earlier and go for a brisk walk! To be continued............ xxx

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