Thursday, 2 February 2012

Just a Quick One

Just quickly popping on to post some pictures of my beloved Thermomix as per Eva's request (founder of Uncooking 101 and the Uncooking School). Poor deprived Americans don't HAVE Thermomix over there!!!

So here's the picture of my one sitting on my newly tidy kitchen counter (no more microwave, HA!), on the right you can see the recipe book that comes with it.

For those of you who may be wondering as Eva is, exactly WHAT a Thermomix is, have a look at the website: which has just been updated actually. In my own words and opinion: its almost the only kitchen appliance you'll ever need again, for example where you might use a powerful blender, a food processor and a coffee grinder, I just use the Thermomix for ALL of those functions! PLUS it also cooks, steams, grinds grains, mixes, whips, chops, kneads etc etc etc. It's really amazing. It makes life so easy for me in the kitchen, especially now that I'm cooking meals for my family and then making separate raw dishes for myself, it just saves me sooooo much time. The best thing about it though is that I now make pretty much EVERYTHING from scratch using whole fresh ingredients, so no more additives for me or the family! We recently had Saana's 6th birthday party and not a single thing on the table came out of a packet! I made chocolate scrolls (with homemade hazelnut spread in them), mini pizzas, mini sausage rolls, chocolate fairy bread, plus dips for the adults. Everyone loved the food, and even the children enjoyed their raw healthy Bliss Balls that I put in the goodie bags instead of lollies!

This next picture is with the Varoma (two level steaming tray) that also comes with it:

The Varoma has a large steaming tray on the bottom (put fish, chicken, meat, meatloaf etc in here) and another tray that fits in the top for softer veggies, steamed puddings, eggs, omelets, etc. So you can have say a sauce cooking in the bottom of the bowl, with rice, potatoes or pasta in the basket, then in the Varoma on top you could have meat or chicken and vegetables, with an omelet cooking in the very top, and you have homemade preservative- and MSG-free fried rice, enough to feed at LEAST 6 people!

A close up of all the buttons/functions - temperature settings (set at a certain temp and it maintains that temp once reached) including a setting of 37 C which is perfect for raw but warm soups and warm drinks. Speed dial on the right which is continuously adjustable from 100 up to 10,200 rpm. There's also a Turbo button for pulsing and an interval button for kneading doughs, as well as the timer (it won't cook without the time set so you CAN"T burn stuff, I LOVE that its idiot-proof LOL!) Oh and of course the inbuilt scales, just press the button, add another ingredient, press button again, weigh in the next one!

Last but certainly not least, a quick pic of my Lunch of Luscious Leftovers! Teehee! A gorgeous fresh beetroot salad from my TMX cookbook, with mushroom and walnut pate, and Eva's Sunny Carrot Pate.... It was scrumptious and again, I'm SO FULL!

Oh and just by the way people, I DID get up this morning and went for a 30 minute power walk before everyone else got up, I felt so proud of myself - not to mention much more energetic! xxx


  1. Firstly, that thing looks like it's from another planet! ha!

    Second, I wondered what would happen to the microwave. As long as it's out of your shiny kitchen, I suppose it doesn't matter if it's totally gone!

    NICE! Thanks!

  2. Lol the microwave isn't completely gone, it's moved to the top of the fridge where only husband can reach it if he wants it! So nice having more bench space and the kitchen just feels more positive and calm, as crazy as that sounds!